Accompanying survivors on the path to posttraumatic growth and meaning-making.

Posttraumatic growth, positive changes that survivors may experience alongside the distress of trauma, can lead to improved relationships, greater personal strength, and new depths of meaning. Through TI EMPOWERS, we offer a comprehensive program for cultivating posttraumatic growth, increasing psychological wellbeing, and advancing personal missions that make meaning of survivorsā€™ experiences.


Expanding Meaning, Purpose, Optimism, Wellbeing, Emotion, Relationships, and Strength through a comprehensive curriculum and support focused on developing self-efficacy and self-determination, belonging and connectedness, recognition of one's strengths and their value to the community, self-care practices for continued wellbeing, psychological resources, and new personal narratives reflecting growth and resilience.Ā 


TI EMPOWERS is a live, online webinar series that guides participants through eight weeks of learning, engagement, and activities to transform narratives of trauma into stories of empowerment and purpose while increasing psychological resources and survivors' wellbeing.Ā 

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EMPOWERS Fellowship

The EMPOWERS Fellowship is an annual fellowship for a select group of trauma survivors who've adopted a mission to use their experience to make a positive change in the world. EMPOWERS Fellows participate in a five-day immersive retreat and training experience and receive a year of coaching and community support for advancement of their missions. Application Coming Soon!

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Email: info@traumapolicy.org