TI Design

Trauma-informed care is not a one-size-fits-all program.

Building on the implementation activities and exercises developed for TI Training, TI Design provides program design, technical assistance, and implementation support to leaders and organizational changemakers to understand their organizationā€™s strengths and needs and guide processes for effective trauma-responsive implementation.


Strengths-based needs assessment to learn what's going well and identify opportunities to increase trauma-responsiveness.


Stakeholder engagement to promote buy-in and integration with leadership, staff, and other stakeholders' routines and expectations.


Program design and change management support to align goals, resources, communication, and training for sustained transformation.


Evaluation and review to document the impact, increase institutional knowledge, and identify areas for reinforcment.Ā 

What our partners are saying

"Over the month of working with Trauma Informed, we went from having very little knowledge about trauma to implementing actionable trauma-informed care strategies in my workplace."

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